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Pulverized Coal-fired Boiler Minimum Oil Ignition System Model:CN10/GS-SOF Cat.No:
I. System Introduction
CN10/GS-SOF Pulverized Coal-fired Boiler Mini-oil Ignition System is mainly applicable for the combustion system of pulverized coal-fired boilers in coal-fired power plants and large scale cement kilns. The system absorbs the unique principle of traditional plasma ignition structure, and adopts high temperature oil-gas flame instead of plasma arc to generate higher ignition energy. Through energy gradual amplification principle, some concentrated coal power is ignited by high temperature oil flame first, then more coal powder is ignited, thus the aim of replacing oil by coal is realized. The system has features of simple structure, easy to install, higher operating reliability with less maintenance etc, and has been widely recognized in boiler field of power plants home and abroad for its oil economizing rate over 90%.
II. Working Principle of Mini-oil Ignition Burner
Mini-oil Ignition Burner is a combination of mini-oil gasification gun and heavy duty combustion chamber. The fuel oil is squeezed, torn and extracted by high speed shooting flow of mechanical atomizing to form superfine oil drops, which then ignited by high energy igniter. Meanwhile, the heat generated from combustion is tactfully used to heat up, expand and gasify fuel oil in very short time. For fuel oil is burning under gasified status, the flame temperature is greatly enhanced with the burning duration dramatically reduced . The gasified flame spreads very fast with blue flare and central temperature up to 15002000. After combustion, high temperature oil flame is formed. When high temperature oil flame is lead to 1st stage combustion area of pulverized coal burner and the dense phase coal powder goes though high temperature flame kernel of gasified combustion, the temperature of coal powder rises dramatically, gets cracked and releases large amount of volatile, which then gets ignited and burn immediately; the burning dense phase coal powder mixes with and ignites the dilute phase coal powder in the boiler chamber, thus the pulverized coal is ignited and burnt in phases and the burning energy amplifies gradually. In this way, the aim to ignite and accelerate pulverized coal burning is reached, and the oil consumed is gradually reduced compared with original large oil gun, which meets properly with the demands of start-up, shut-down as well as underload stable combustion of boilers in power plants.
The system introduces high pressure cold air to supplement oxygen needed for accelerated combustion in the latter phase of ignition period, and provide sweeping cooling for oil gun in non-ignition period.
Features of the Mini-oil Ignition Burner are:
1. Simple structure and low resistance, used as both mini-oil igniter, and main burner.
2. The throat area of mini-oil ignition burner is same as that of original main burner, and the designed air speed of mini-oil ignition burner is also the same as that of original burner, both of which ensures that the momentum moment of mini-oil ignition burner is the same as that of original burner. On using mini-oil ignition burner, slag bounding of the boiler is not aggravated, the steam temperature is not affected, the combustible matter in fly ash is not increased and NOx emission is also not increased.
3. Distribute the coal power concentrating device according to the turning angle of front primary air duct of the burner to ensure higher coal powder density in 1st stage combustion chamber.
4. Inner film blowing is adopted to cool the burner wall, and temperature measuring device is supplemented in the burner to monitor the temperature changes and prevent the burner from burning off.
IIIBasic Components of Minimum Oil Ignition System and Parameters
1. Basic Components of Minimum Oil Ignition System
1) Minimum Oil Consumption Device
The mini-oil consumption device is the core unit composed by high-energy small gasified oil gun, auxiliary igniter and mini-oil burner. The high-energy oil gun should be installed at the burner side, making it easy to be disassembled and maintenance. The oil gun structure is simple and no insertion and retraction mechanism. With a built-in flame detecting system and a high energy ignition unit which enable to sensitively detect the combustion condition of mini-oil flame. When the coal type changes, the auxiliary igniter can be flexible used to adjust the flame intensity to ensure that the pulverized coal is completely ignited.
2) Fuel System
A22 Stainless Steel tube induced from the existed fuel system, rounds the boiler after passing by the insulted door and goes through the two-stage filter and the fuel fast valve, finally reaches to every small oil gun.
3) Cold Air Press System
The cold air press is the necessary system providing the small oil gun combustion oxygen required, a regularly purge and cooling. According to the boiler condition, it can be induced by the primary air or be obtained by adding a draft fan. The parameter of press air are: Pressure: 410 Kpa, Air Required: about 3000m3/h.
4) Control System
The low-oil-consumption ignition control system is composed by ignition control, flame detect, auto protection and so on. The system can be locally controlled or remotely controlled and be switched flexibly. The logical design of ignition is safe and reliable conforms to the boiler safe operation standard.
The monitoring and control of the mini-oil system can either be completed with the original DCS system, or with PLC independent. By adding control image in DSC, the stop/start operation and the process parameter can be monitored.
5) Wall Temperature On-line Detecting System
The wall temperature detecting points are set on every burner to avoid it get burnt by excessive temperature. Thus the temperature can be monitored on-line by transferring to the central control room with measuring element.
6) Auxiliary System for Coal Pulverizing
The source problem of pulverized coal must be solved to ignite instead the coal of oil when the boiler at cold state. For a coal pulverizing system, it can be adopted to blow pulverized coal from adjacent boiler; for a direct-fired pulverized system, different modes are applied by heating pump from adjacent boiler, adding heating fan, duct heating or heating boiler directly by big-oil gun to start-up the coal mill.
2. Technical Parameter
Adaptable range of fuel pressure: 1.53.5 Mpa
Cold air press parameter: Pressure 410 KPa Air Required 3000m3/h
Capacity of single high-energy oil gun: 30120 kg/h
Mode of oil gun atomizing: Mechanical pressure spin-flow atomizing
High-energy fire core temperature: 14001600
Quantity of single ignitable pulverized coal: 28 t/h
Range of pulverized coal concentration 0.20.5 t/t
Coal Complete Combustion: about 90%
Pulverized Coal-fired Boiler Minimum Oil Ignition System Model:CN10/GS-SOF

Pulverized Coal-fired Boiler Minimum Oil Ignition SystemCN10/GS-SOF
Chemical Injection Model:W78878/RCF2 Cat.No:
One of the most practical preventive maintenance methods for minimizing or controlling corrosion in product pipelines, vessels, etc., is to treat the corrosive environment with chemical inhibitors. While corrosion inhibition is a complex technology and is under constant study and development, it is an effective means of corrosion control. Using the Injection System for easy, reliable access, inhibitors can be injected with safety and simplicity while under full operating pressure. In addition, a variety of injection devices and systems can be used to provide the most efficient delivery and dispersion for a given application.Most of the parts involved in the Injection System are interchangeable with the Sampling System. The Sampling System offers a means of extracting samples from pipelines or vessels while under full system operating pressure.
Chemical Injection Model:W78878/RCF2

Chemical InjectionW78878/RCF2

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