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Hydrogen Generator-The Tiny Titan Model:HHO-771 Cat.No:
The Tiny Titan 7Comes With These Great Features:

Compact HHO Generator measures 7 "X 7" X 2.5 "
External 3 QT. Reservoir with fittings and mounting brackets
Secondary bubbler
2-10 'X 10 GA Wire-(for POWER)
10 'X 16 GA Wire (for switch / relay)
70-Amp Relay
Manual OFF / ON Switch
60 AMP Current Meter
60 Amp Audio Fuse Holder
40 Amp Fuse (2)
12-14 GA Slide Terminals (switch)
4-12 GA Ring Terminals - 3 / 8 "hole
14-16 GA Ring Terminals-1 / 4 "Hole (relay)
10 'Braided Hose 5 / 8 "OD - 3 / 8" ID
10 SS Hose Clamps
Solenoid Check Valve / hose / fitting
Fully Illustrated Installat Manual

RECOMMENDED FOR: Small Cars, 4 cylinders, All 1.3 - 2.5 Liter Motors: Carbureted, Fuel Injected, or Diesel
Hydrogen Generator-The Tiny Titan Model:HHO-771

Hydrogen Generator-The Tiny TitanHHO-771
Orion LX Weather Station with Weather Display Console Model:B9611-C-1 Cat.No:
With the compact, all-in-one Orion sensor head, the Orion LX features a Weather MicroServer offering FTP output, XML web service, and Internet browser user interface. This means instantaneous, simultaneous, site-specific weather monitoring for any network user via Weather Master Network Software or URL website. The station can be connected to our proprietary LCD touch-screen Weather Display Console as well.

In a public safety scenario, the Orion LX can automatically send live incident weather readings directly to Emergency Operations Centers, Command Posts and other LAN-based emergency locations, to keep first responders, commanders, officers, and Emergency Managers simultaneously apprised of the current weather conditions at an incident scene.

The Orion sensor module provides ultrasonic wind direction and speed measurements, a highly-accurate impact rain sensor, capacitive relative humidity, temperature and barometric pressure readings.

An optional visibility sensor can be connected to the MicroServer.

Increased resolution and accuracy make this weather monitoring system ideal for high-precision weather monitoring.

Communication protocols from the MicroServer include SNMP, Modbus/OPC, XML and FTP.

* Six most essential weather parameters in one unit
* Accurate and stable measurements
* Ultrasonic Wind Sensor
* No moving parts
* Advanced impact rainfall sensor
* Low power consumption
* Fast and simple to install
* Low maintenance

Orion LX Weather Station with Weather Display Console Model:B9611-C-1

Orion LX Weather Station with Weather Display ConsoleB9611-C-1

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