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Gas solenoid valve Model:SZQ11-dhgjnh Cat.No:W98338
Material stainless steel flange connection form
Nominal diameter 15-50 (mm) pressure environment 1.0-10.0 (Mpa)
Operating temperature -40 ~ 500 ()

Gas solenoid valve Model:SZQ11-dhgjnh

Gas solenoid valveSZQ11-dhgjnh
Gas solenoid valve m98338
Gas solenoid valve m98348
Display Wall m98358
Luggage scale m98368
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Topac Portable O2 and CO2 Gas Analyzer m98448
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Los Angeles, shelf-type aggregate wear testing machine m98488
Wax Content Tester m98498
Wax Content Tester m98508
Wax Content Tester m98518
Wax Content Tester m98528
Wax Content Tester m98538
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Disposable intravenous catheter m98608
Manometer Accessories m98618
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Circular Connectors (Amphenol) 4-Pin m98638
Fans m98648
Y-pattern piston check valve m98658
Wafer type double petal check valve m98668
Heaters m98678
Small resistance ball-like check valve m98688
Orbital ball valve m98698
Steel stainless ball valve m98708
Flange connection stiff metallic sealing ball valve m98718
Butt-clamped electric rubber-lined butterfly valve m98728
Box sugar-coated machine m98738
Female Bulkhead m98748
Vacuum interrupter for HV VCB(ceramic shell, Rated) m98758
Male Tube End m98768
Female Tube End m98778
Pediatric spinal immobilization board m98788
Snap cuff tourniquet m98798
Male Elbows m98808
Male Elbows m98818
Portable Gas Analyzers/carbon monoxide Analyzer m98828
Portable Gas Analyzers/ethylene Analyzer m98838
Portable Gas Analyzers/formaldehyde Analyzer m98848
Portable Gas Analyzers/hydrazine Analyzer m98858
Portable Gas Analyzers/hydrogen peroxide Analyzer m98868
Portable Gas Analyzers/nitric oxide Analyzer m98878
Portable Gas Analyzers/propylene oxide Analyzer m98888
Paint-4 Viscometer m98898
Paint-4 Viscometer m98908
Paint-4 Viscometer m98918
Paint-4 Viscometer m98928
Paint-4 Viscometer m98938
Paint-4 Viscometer m98948
Paint-4 Viscometer m98958
Paint-4 Viscometer m98968
Paint-4 Viscometer m98978
Paint-4 Viscometer m98988
Air Sealing Gun m98998
High power - (of times) the number of foam fire extinguishing system m99008
Radiation Detector m99018
Male Connectors m99028
Blood Pressure Monitor m99048
Male Run Tee m99058
Female Run Tee m99068
Union m99078
UV EPROM erasing equipment m99088
Electrode Holder m99098
Electrode Holder m99108
digital radiometer/photometer m99118
Flange type pneumatic butterfly valve m99128
Butt-clamped electric three-cam butterfly valve m99138
Flange type electric three-cam butterfly valve m99148
Eccentricity plug valve m99158
KPF series balance valve m99168
GA49H Impulse safety valve m99178
Micro-open type safety valve m99188

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